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Install Orbisnap

Section Overview

The collection of Orbisnap files includes the Orbisnap starter file, Orbisnap executable file, and supporting files. These files are located under the Simulink® 3D Animation™ orbisnap folder (for example, matlabroot\toolbox\sl3d\orbisnap\bin for the Windows® platform). No further installation is necessary. You can copy the Orbisnap files to another location or create shortcuts or symbolic links to the Orbisnap starter file for convenience.

System Requirements

Orbisnap has the same hardware and software requirements as MATLAB®. It is a multiplatform product that can run on PC-compatible computers with Windows or Linux®. See the following page on the MathWorks® website:

Copying Orbisnap to Another Location

Orbisnap runs independently of the MATLAB and Simulink 3D Animation products. This independence means that you can copy Orbisnap to another location or even another machine. The following is a general procedure on how to copy Orbisnap to another location:

  1. From a command line or a graphical interface such as Windows Explorer, create a folder into which you can copy Orbisnap.

  2. Copy all the files in the Orbisnap folder and its subfolders. These files are likely located in the Simulink 3D Animation orbisnap folder, for example, matlabroot\toolbox\sl3d\orbisnap for the Windows platform.

  3. Paste the files into the folder you created in step 1.

Adding Shortcuts or Symbolic Links

For convenience, you can create a shortcut (Windows) or symbolic link (UNIX®) to the Orbisnap starter file.

  • In Windows Explorer, right-click orbisnap.bat and select Properties. You can start Orbisnap from either the shortcut or the original starter file.

  • In UNIX, use the ln -s command to create a symbolic link to orbisnap.

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