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Migration Considerations

To take advantage of SimEvents® features, migrate legacy SimEvents models (pre-R2016a). Benefits include:

Event actions

MATLAB Discrete-Event System block

Discrete-Event Chart block

Entity multicast

Domain transitions

Simulink integration

Unified entity type

Entity Batch Creator and Splitter blocks

Sequence Viewer

Use SimEvents software to:

  • Modify entity attributes, service, and routes on events such as entity generation, entry, and exit.

  • Create custom SimEvents blocks using MATLAB.

  • Create Stateflow state transition diagrams that process entities, react to entity events, and follow precise timing for temporal operations.

  • Wirelessly broadcast copies of entities to multiple receive queues.

  • Automatically switch between time-based and event-based signals.

  • Use Simulink features, such as Fast Restart to speed up simulation runs and Simulation Stepper to debug.

  • Define entity types that are consistent across Simulink, Stateflow, and SimEvents products.

  • Create and split batch of entities.

  • Display interchange of messages and entities.

When You Should Not Migrate

If your legacy model contains timeout blocks, do not migrate the model. You can still access legacy blocks to continue developing older models by using the blocks in the Legacy Block Library.

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