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Class: matlab.DiscreteEventSystem
Namespace: matlab

Initialize a resource specification array


resArray = initResourceArray()


resArray = initResourceArray() initializes an empty array of resourceSpecification. This method enables you to append elements to the array in the MATLAB Discrete-Event System block when you select the Code generation for the Simulate using parameter.

Output Arguments

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Resource specifications specified as an empty array.


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An entity entry to the storage element invokes two timer events. resourceSpecification defines the type and the amount of resources an entity acquires. The entity acquires a resource of type Test1 if the timer with tag ProcessComplete expires. The entity acquires a resource of type Test2 if the timer with tag TimeOut expires. The resRequest array is initialized by the initResourceArray method for code generation.

function [entity,event] = entry(obj,storage,entity,source)
  % Specify event actions when entity enters storage.
  ProcessingTime=randi([1 15]);
  % Define two timer events.
  event1 = obj.eventTimer('TimeOut',10);
  event2 = obj.eventTimer('ProcessComplete', ProcessingTime);   
  event=[event1 event2];

function [entity, event] = timer(obj,storage,entity,tag)
  % Specify event actions when a timer expires. 
  resRequest = obj.initResourceArray();
  switch tag
    case 'ProcessComplete'
      resRequest = obj.resourceSpecification('Test1', 1);  
    case 'TimeOut'
      resRequest = obj.resourceSpecification('Test2', 1); 
  event = obj.eventAcquireResource(resRequest, 'MyResourceAcquireEvent');

Version History

Introduced in R2019a