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Load project from file


sbioloadproject ('projFilename','variableName')
sbioloadproject projFilename variableName1 variableName2...
s = sbioloadproject (...)


sbioloadproject('projFilename') loads a SimBiology® project from a project file (projFilename). If no extension is specified, sbioloadproject assumes a default extension of .sbproj. Alternatively, the command syntax is sbioloadproject projFilename.

sbioloadproject ('projFilename','variableName') loads only the variable variableName from the project file.

sbioloadproject projFilename variableName1 variableName2... loads the specified variables from the project.

s = sbioloadproject (...) returns the contents of projFilename in a variable s. s is a struct containing fields matching the variables retrieved from the SimBiology project.

You can display the contents of the project file using the sbiowhos command.


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Load the G-protein model.


Display the summary information of the model.

m1 = 
   SimBiology Model - Heterotrimeric G Protein wt 

   Model Components:
     Compartments:      1
     Events:            0
     Parameters:        9
     Reactions:         6
     Rules:             1
     Species:           7
     Observables:       0

Version History

Introduced in R2006a