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XAUI Compliance Kit

Characterize and validate the performance of a 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface (XAUI) channel design.

This XAUI compliance signal integrity kit includes all the transfer nets, generic buffer models, and eye masks for an XAUI high-speed SerDes interface. This includes XAUI technology IBIS-AMI models for the SerDes transmitter and receiver, XAUI eye masks, transfer nets preconfigured for TX and RX characterization, and an easily customizable end-to-end transfer net for a full XAUI link.

This kit enables you to insert a channel design and characterize and validate its performance using the specification masks to determine if the channel has a high confidence of success. If the channel does not meet the compliance masks or BER estimates, further investigation or redesign, along with simulation, will need to be performed to determine possible changes to meet compliance.

Open XAUI Kit

Open the XAUI kit in the Serial Link Designer app using the openSignalIntegrityKit function.



Kit Overview

  • Project Name: XAUI

  • Interface Name: xaui

  • Target Operating Frequency: 3.125 Gb/s (320 ps)

The XAUI kit defines one schematic set.

  • set1 — Used for all compliance testing

For more information about the XAUI channel compliance schematics, transfer net properties, and compliance rules, refer to the document XAUI.pdf that is attached to this example as a supporting file.


[1] “IEEE Standard for Information Technology - Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 3: CSMA/CD Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications - Media Access Control (MAC) Parameters, Physical Layer, and Management Parameters for 10 Gb/s Operation.” IEEE Std 802.3ae-2002 (Amendment to IEEE Std 802.3-2002), August 2002, 1–544.

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