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Output Latch

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OTL is one of the building blocks of a ladder diagram. The OTL block implements the OTL ladder logic instruction. When the rung condition is true, the block sets the operand tag (data bit) to true. The data bit remains true until it is cleared, typically by an OTU block. When the rung condition is changed to false, the block does not change the status of the data bit.


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Specify the data bits to be modified. Data bits are specified in the format of tags. In Ladder Diagrams, tags (variables) are used for representing all inputs, outputs, and internal memory with attributes such as Data Type, Initial Value, and size. To change the attributes of the Operand Tag, open the Program Variables table within the Ladder Diagram Program block.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: PLCOperandTag
Type: character vector
Value: character vector
Default: 'A'

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Introduced in R2019a