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Create Interface Object

Connect to Instrument

An interface object represents a connection to an instrument over one of the supported interfaces. The following instrument communication interfaces are supported.

Create a connection to an instrument by calling the following object creation functions.

Interface Object Creation Functions




Create a serial port object.

tcpclient, tcpserver

Create a TCP/IP client or server object.


Create a UDP object.


Create a VISA-TCP/IP, VISA-Socket, VISA-USB, VISA-GPIB, VISA-Serial, VISA-VXI, or VISA-PXI object.

Configure Properties

Instrument objects contain properties that reflect the functionality of your instrument. You control the behavior of your instrument control application by configuring values for these properties.

As described in Configure and Return Properties, you can configure certain properties during object creation using name-value pairs. You can also set properties after object creation using dot notation. To configure callback properties, you must use the configureCallback and configureTerminator functions.

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