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Image acquisition object function and property help


out = imaqhelp(...)


imaqhelp provides a complete listing of image acquisition object functions.

imaqhelp(Name) provides online help for the function or property specified by the character vector Name.

imaqhelp(obj) displays a listing of functions and properties for the image acquisition object obj along with the online help for the object's constructor. obj must be a 1-by-1 image acquisition object.

imaqhelp(obj,Name) displays the help for the function or property specified by the character vector Name for the image acquisition object obj.

If Name is a device-specific property name, obj must be provided.

out = imaqhelp(...) returns the help text in character vector out.

When property help is displayed, the names in the “See Also” section that contain all uppercase letters are function names. The names that contain a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters are property names.

When function help is displayed, the “See Also” section contains only function names.


Getting general function and property help.

out = imaqhelp('videoinput');
imaqhelp getsnapshot
imaqhelp LoggingMode

Getting property help with device-specific information.

vid = videoinput('dt', 1);
src = getselectedsource(vid);
imaqhelp(vid, 'TriggerType')
imaqhelp(src, 'FrameRate')

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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