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Device Connection

Establish and manage connection between image acquisition device and MATLAB®

To connect to and acquire images from any supported hardware, you can use the videoinput object. Use the imaqhwinfo function to determine your device adaptor names. You must install the appropriate support packages for the adaptors to show up. See Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

If you are using GigE Vision® hardware, see the GigE Vision Device Configuration section for information about setting up acquisition with GigE Vision cameras.


clearClear image acquisition object from MATLAB workspace
deleteRemove image acquisition object from memory
dispDisplay method for image acquisition objects
imaqfindFind image acquisition objects
imaqhwinfoInformation about available image acquisition hardware
imaqresetDisconnect and delete all image acquisition objects
imaqregisterRegister third-party custom adaptor
startObtain exclusive use of image acquisition device
stopStop video input object
videoinputCreate video input object
imaq.VideoDeviceAcquire one frame at a time from video device


Image Acquisition ToolAcquire images and video from hardware

Examples and How To

Hardware Connection and Configuration

Setting Up Image Acquisition Hardware

To acquire image data, you must perform the setup required by your particular image acquisition device.

Getting Hardware Information

Use imaqhwinfo to get the information the toolbox needs to connect to a specific image acquisition device.

Creating Image Acquisition Objects

Create the objects that the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ software uses to establish the connection between MATLAB and an image acquisition device.

Configuring Image Acquisition Object Properties

Modify characteristics of the acquisition using properties of the image acquisition objects.

Starting and Stopping a Video Input Object

How to start and stop a video input object.

Deleting Image Acquisition Objects

How to delete the image acquisition objects you create.

Saving Image Acquisition Objects

You can save an image acquisition object so that it can be loaded into the MATLAB workspace later.

GigE Vision Device Configuration

Types of Setups

There are five different setups you can use for GigE Vision cameras.

Network Hardware Configuration Notes

These notes apply to network connections and hardware.

Network Adaptor Configuration Notes

These notes apply to network configurations for each platform.

Software Configuration

You need to have GenICam installed to use GigE Vision hardware.

Setting Preferences

There are three GigE Vision related preferences in the Image Acquisition Preferences.


See the GigE Vision troubleshooting section for each platform.


Toolbox Components Overview

Provides an overview of the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ software.

Support for Additional Hardware

Create an adaptor using the Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor Kit.

Image Acquisition Toolbox Properties

These properties are available in the toolbox.

Featured Examples