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Class: opc.hda.Data
Package: opc.hda

True if all elements of OPC HDA data object have same time stamp vector


tf = arrayHasSameTimeStamp(dObj)


tf = arrayHasSameTimeStamp(dObj) returns true if all the elements of dObj have the same time stamp.

Use tsunion to ensure that the time stamps of an OPC HDA data object are the same.


Load the OPC HDA example data file and see if the hdaDataSmall object has the same time stamps in all elements:

load opcSampleHdaData;
tf = arrayHasSameTimeStamp(hdaDataSmall);

Form a new data set using tsunion, and check the time stamps again:

hdaUnion = tsunion(hdaDataSmall);
tfU = arrayHasSameTimeStamp(hdaUnion)

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