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Block Compatibility Functions


Specify that a block's TLC file is compliant with expression folding. Call this function from within the BlockInstanceSetup function. The input to this function is the block record.

See LibBlockSetIsExpressionCompliant(block) in block_api.tlc.


Specify that this block does not need to enforce integer downcasts for its output expression. The input to this function is the block record.

See LibBlockSetIntegerDowncastUnnecessary(block) in block_api.tlc.

LibBlockSetCustomStorageComplianceLevel (block, level)

Set the custom storage compliance level of a block.

The inputs to this function are the block record and the custom storage class compliance level. The possible levels are as follows:

  • 0—The block does not support custom storage classes.

  • 1— The block supports level 1 custom storage classes. Level 1 custom storage classes do not support the set method.

  • 2—The block supports level 1 and 2 custom storage classes. Level 2 custom storage classes include level 1 custom storage classes and those that implement a set method.

See LibBlockSetCustomStorageComplianceLevel(block,level) in block_api.tlc.

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