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Start and Test MATLAB Parallel Server Cluster in Cloud Center

Sign in to Cloud Center here:

If you have never used Cloud Center before, there is a one-time setup to link your cloud account with Cloud Center. See Link Your Cloud Account to Cloud Center.

After you set up your cloud account, you can create clusters from Cloud Center and use the clusters from your desktop MATLAB. If you have multiple AWS® accounts, to switch to a different AWS account to create your clusters, remove Cloud Center's access to the current AWS account by clicking Remove Cloud Center's Access Button on the Cloud Accounts page.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Choose cluster machines and options and start the cluster. See Create a Cloud Cluster.

  2. Discover the cluster from MATLAB. See Discover Clusters on Local Machine.

  3. Validate the started cluster, see Test Your Cloud Cluster with the Profile Validator.

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