Embedded Linux and System Integration for Zynq

This two-day training course will give attendees hands-on experience in creating and customizing an embedded Linux® system for their custom target using Zynq®. Topics include:

  • Creating a reference design in Vivado and SDK
  • Software anatomy of a Zynq® system
  • Zynq build system
  • Building a custom Linux image for Zynq
  • Integrating user space device drivers in Simulink

See detailed course outline.


結果 1 - 2 / 2
日付 開催地 言語 料金 申請
2018 年11月14日-
2018 年11月15日
US, Arizona, Phoenix English USD 1,500
2018 年12月06日-
2018 年12月07日
オーストラリア, Adelaide English AUD 2,000
結果 1 - 2 / 2

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