Designing Feedback Compensators and Control Logic

Once an accurate plant model has been created, control engineers analyze and develop closed-loop compensators and open-loop supervisory strategies using a range of MathWorks tools.

Analyze Control Systems

Perform a critical analysis of your control system within MATLAB or Simulink through the following tasks:

Systematically Apply a Control Design Technique

Simulink Control Design™ eliminates the need for trial and error by providing systematic methods for tuning single-loop and multiloop control systems entirely within Simulink. You can:

All of these control techniques can be easily evaluated and verified in MATLAB and Simulink.

Optimize System Performance

Improve system performance and reduce system cost by automatically tuning design parameters in your Simulink model with Simulink Design Optimization. You can optimize controller gains to meet rise-time and overshoot constraints, or jointly optimize physical and algorithmic parameters to maximize overall system performance.

Design and Simulate Supervisory Logic

Stateflow® enables you to model, design, and simulate the supervisory logic in your control system, which schedules the operation of the controller, controls the operational mode of the system, and performs fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR).