MBC Model Fitting and MBC Optimization Apps

The MBC Model Fitting and MBC Optimization apps are included in Model-Based Calibration Toolbox. You can find them, along with the rest of the apps for your installed products, by clicking the Apps tab in the MATLAB Toolstrip.

The MBC Model Fitting and MBC Optimization apps are used to model and calibrate engines.

The MBC Model Fitting app provides a full set of tools for building a test plan based on Design of Experiments, post-processing collected engine data, and fitting models to data. Using the MBC Model Fitting app, you can:

  • Reduce testing time using Design-of-Experiments methodology with classical, space-filling, and optimal design techniques
  • Select common strategies for testing engines, including one-stage, two-stage, or point-by-point strategies
  • Fit accurate engine models with data fitting techniques, including Gaussian process, radial basis function, and polynomial regression modeling
  • Keep test points and optimization results within the engine operating envelope using boundary modeling techniques
  • Export models to the MBC Optimization app, or to MATLAB or Simulink for use in simulation and HIL testing

As engines become more complicated, and models of engine behavior more intricate, it is increasingly difficult to rely on intuition alone to calibrate lookup tables. The MBC Optimization app provides analytical methods for calibrating lookup tables.

The MBC Optimization app uses models of the engine control subsystems to calibrate lookup tables. You can fill and optimize lookup tables in existing ECU software using MBC Model Fitting app models. From these models, the MBC Optimization app builds steady-state ECU calibrations.

You can also compare lookup tables directly to experimental data for validation.

Apps are interactive MATLAB programs you can use without writing any code. Most toolboxes come with apps, and you can download more for free from the MATLAB File Exchange. You can also package and share your own apps.