• The Fixed-Point Tool in Fixed-Point Designer™ can collect range data either by performing simulation and logging range information or by derived range analysis.
  • Propose data types for bus objects, enabling fixed-point analysis of large-scale models using Fixed-Point Designer™. Enable automatic data type override (DTO) for models that contain bus objects...
  • Explore fixed-point models and use automated logging and scaling tools to refine the fixed-point data types for more optimized results.
  • Convert a floating-point model into a fixed-point model and obtain an initial scaling for the fixed-point data types.
  • Collect and display simulation ranges for variables inside a MATLAB ® Function block using the Fixed-Point Tool. Use this simulation range analysis to propose data types for the variables based on...
  • Use Simulink Coder ® to generate C code from fixed-point models.
  • Use division to perform parameter optimization for fixed-point net slope computation with Fixed-Point Designer™.