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parfor error for global SA Morris method using SimBiology
Hi, It looks like you are running into an issue that the SimBiology model is not copied to the workers natively. In MATLAB vers...

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Computed parameter in Simbiology
Hi Rajeev, You could call the function getequations on your model, getequations(m1). This gives you a printout of the values. I...

3ヶ月 前 | 0

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SimBiology getConfigSet does not recognise model object
Hi Alvaro, I think you are seeing an unfortunate naming collision. SimBiology's method is getconfigset (all lower-case). The me...

4ヶ月 前 | 3

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Simbiology parameter is not recognized by EventFcns
Hi, It looks like the event is changing the value of a parameter that is marked as constant. You can change the "Constant" prop...

4ヶ月 前 | 2

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creating a mesh figure
Hi Parul, If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, then you are very much on the right track. So it is probably onl...

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solve 4 equations with some unknowns parameters.
Hi, I think you are using a modern syntax to call 'solve' that was not supported in R2010b. The equivalent call in R2010b wou...

12ヶ月 前 | 1

Shorthand for sbioselect/set
Hi Jim, Your wrapper looks like a good solution for conveniently changing individual parameter/species/etc. properties. Thank...

1年以上 前 | 1

competitive enzymatic inhibition matlab sbiomodel
Hi, The ParameterVariableNames and SpeciesVariableNames properties on the kinetic law need to be specified to tell it which p...

1年以上 前 | 2

How to fit steady state data in SimBiology Desktop 5.7?
Hi Nick, Here is an example of a simple model with one mass action reaction, L <-> C, with initial amounts of L and C b...

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