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Working on GPUs and Deep Learning @MathWorks.

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

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Why is the gpuArray version of my code slower?
Hi Ariel, There are three problems with your script. Your code is doing a lot of for loops and indexing of gpuArray data, whic...

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GPU utilization and parallel computation With Matlab for heavy computation
I'll try to answer your questions in order... Yes! Isn't that great? Yes, because there are two problems with your code: (a) y...

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Out of memory issue on evaluating CNNs
The problem is that your GPU's 6GB memory is not enough to execute the semantic segmentation with the default settings. Reducing...

2ヶ月 前 | 1

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Setting up desktop computer for remote computing
To do that, you'll need to have a MATLAB Parallel Server license. If you have it, you can install the MATLAB Job Scheduler on yo...

2ヶ月 前 | 0

PARFOR Transparency violation error
The problem occurs in this line: syms tt Although the syms function is very handy for hacking symbolic math on your client mac...

2ヶ月 前 | 3

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Running Code on GPU Seems much Slower than Doing so on CPU
You don't need to disable JIT acceleration. Rather, you need to measure using timeit and gputimeit like so: % CPU data a = one...

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When Was That Goal Scored?
We want to find out when the goals were scored in a particular soccer game. For each game, we are given a "Goal Event Data" XML ...

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Number of Even Elements in Fibonacci Sequence
Find how many even Fibonacci numbers are available in the first d numbers. Consider the following first 14 numbers 1 1 2...

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The 5th Root
Write a function to find the 5th root of a number. It sounds easy, but the typical functions are not allowed (see the test su...

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