Quick Start of DirLOT Toolbox

A brief introduction to directional lapped orthogonal transforms


Readme file

README.txt contains some informations on DirLOT Toolbox.

* MATLAB class definitions for directional lapped orthogonal transforms


NOTICE: SaivDr Package contains fast and stable implementation of DirLOTs. 
Please see the folder 'examples/dirlot' in the package.



- Release DirLOT20130201

** Requirements

- MATLAB R2011b or later, 
-- Image Processing Toolbox
-- Optimization Toolbox

** Recomended

-- Global Optimization Toolbox 
-- Parallel Computing Toolbox
-- Wavelet Toolbox 
-- MATLAB Coder

** Brief introduction

1. Change directory to where this file contains on MATLAB.

2. Set the path by using the following command:

 >> setpath

3. If MATLAB Coder is available, it is recommended to first 
   generate MEX codes for the M-files in the 'mexcode' directory. 
   The M-file script 'mybuild,'  which you can find at the top directory 
   of this toolbox, does the task as a batch file.

 >> mybuild

4. Change directory to 'sample' and run an M-file of which name begins
   with 'main,' such as

 >> main_tip2011td

   and then run an M-file of which name begins with 'disp,' such as

 >> disp_denoisingresults

** References 

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** Contact address: 

   Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University,
   8050 2-no-cho Ikarashi, Nishi-ku,
   Niigata, 950-2181, JAPAN
   Email: shogo@eng.niigata-u.ac.jp
   LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/shogo-muramatsu/4b/b08/627

** Contributors

- For coding
-- Tomoya KOBAYASHI, 2008-2010
-- Shintaro HARA, 2011-
-- Natsuki AIZAWA, 2011-

- For testing
-- Haruki MINAGAWA, 2009-2010
-- Rui WANG, 2009-2011
-- Dandan HAN, 2009-2012
-- Saemi CHOI, 2010-2011
-- Yuya OTA, 2010-
-- Kazuki TAKEDA, 2010-

% SVN identifier:
% $Id: README.txt 385 2016-04-15 02:59:04Z sho $


Before using DirLOT Toolbox, it is required to set the path to the directories 'dirlot', 'genlot', 'appendix' and 'mexcodes' under this Toolbox. Change the current directory to the top directory of DirLOT Toolbox, and execute the command 'setpath'.


Sample codes

A lot of sample codes are found under directory 'samples.' In the following denoising and deblurring demos, we will use some of sample codes. Please set the path by calling command 'addpath.'


Original image for denoising and deblurring.

Prepare grayscale picture as an original.

clear all
close all
src = im2double(imread('cameraman.tif'));
f1 = figure(1);
pf1 = [20 180 1120 500];
subplot(2,3,1), imshow(src)
title('Original image')

Define PSNR

Define PSNR to evaluate the denoising results. The peak is set to one.

mse  = @(x,y) sum((x(:)-y(:)).^2)/numel(x);
psnr = @(x,y) -10*log10(mse(x,y));

Selection of DirLOT bases

In this denoising demo, a union of multiple DirLOTs is used. Here, several predesigned bases are selected. If you are interested in the design of DirLOTs, please see the following function:

idx = 1;
fname{idx} = 'lppufb2dDec22Ord44Alp0.0Dir1Vm2.mat'; idx = idx+1;
fname{idx} = 'lppufb2dDec22Ord44Alp1.7Dir2Vmd030.00.mat'; idx = idx+1;
fname{idx} = 'lppufb2dDec22Ord44Alp1.7Dir1Vmd060.00.mat'; idx = idx+1;
fname{idx} = 'lppufb2dDec22Ord44Alp-1.7Dir1Vmd120.00.mat'; idx = idx+1;
fname{idx} = 'lppufb2dDec22Ord44Alp-1.7Dir2Vmd150.00.mat';

Instantiation of forward and inverse transform objects

Instantiate forward and inverse transform objects by using the selected bases, and set the boundary operation to the termination mode.

nTrx = length(fname); % Number of bases
fwdtrx = cell(nTrx,1);
invtrx = cell(nTrx,1);
for idx = 1:nTrx
    % Load pre-designed LpPuFb2d (DirLOT) object
    load(['./samples/icassp2012/filters/data128x128ampk3l3/ga/' ...
        fname{idx} ]); % Variable lppufb contains a predesigned basis.
    % Prepare forward transform object
    fwdtrx{idx} = ForwardDirLot(lppufb,'termination');
    % Prepare inverse transform Object
    invtrx{idx} = InverseDirLot(lppufb,'termination');

Display basis images

Let's see the basis images of one of the loaded DirLOTs. Method dispBasisImages() of object 'lppufb,' an instance of class AbstLpPuFb2d, can be used for this purpose.


Access to basis images

As well, let us verify the frequency magnitude response of the scaling filter. The impulse response of the k-th basis image of object 'lppufb' can be accessed by the subscription.


Open MATLAB pool

If Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT) is avilable, it is recommended to open MATLAB pool.


Build MEX files

If MATLAB Coder is avilable, it is recommended to generate some MEX codes by executing the batch script 'mybuild.'


Produce observation by adding noise

Add noise by using function 'imnoise', which is available from Image Processing Toolbox

sigma = 40;
v = (sigma/255)^2; % noise variance
obs = imnoise(src,'gaussian',0,v); % Add white Gaussian noise to the original
subplot(2,3,2), imshow(obs)
title(['Noisy image: PSNR = ' num2str(psnr(src,obs),'%6.2f') ' [dB]'])

Main process of simple heuristic shrinkage

Simple heuristic shrinkage is applied to the noisy image. The number of wavelet scales is set to four. The function 'fcn_bayesshrink' realizes the soft-thresholding called BayesShrink.

disp('It takes a few minutes to complete the heuristic shrinkage...')
disp('It is recommended to open matlabpool if PCT is available.')

nLevels = 4; % Number of wavelet scales
% The following code runs in parallel if MATLAB pool is available.
parfor itrx = 1:nTrx
    % Back-Projection (Forward transform)
    [valueC,valueS] = wavedec2(fwdtrx{itrx},obs,nLevels);
    % Shrinkage
    valueC = fcn_bayesshrink(valueC,valueS);
    % Forward-Projection (Inverse transform)
    u{itrx} = waverec2(invtrx{itrx},valueC,valueS);
It takes a few minutes to complete the heuristic shrinkage...
It is recommended to open matlabpool if PCT is available.

Reconstruction of denoised image

Combine every pictures obtained by the inverse transform.

y = 0;
for itrx = 1:nTrx
    y = y + u{itrx}/nTrx;

Compare denoising performances

Comparing denoising performance among four methods: Gaussian filter (imfilter plus fspecial), Wiener filter (wiener2), BayesShrink with single symmetric orthonormal wavelet and simple heuristic shrinkage with mixture of multiple wavelets.

g = imfilter(obs,fspecial('gaussian',[5 5],1),'symmetric');
subplot(2,3,3), imshow(g)
title(['Denosied image (Gaussian filter): PSNR = ' ...
    num2str(psnr(src,g),'%6.2f') ' [dB]'])

w = wiener2(obs);
subplot(2,3,4), imshow(w)
title(['Denosied image (Wiener filter): PSNR = ' ...
    num2str(psnr(src,w),'%6.2f') ' [dB]'])

subplot(2,3,5), imshow(u{1})
title(['Denoised image (Wavelet shrinkage): PSNR = ' ...
    num2str(psnr(src,u{1}),'%6.2f') ' [dB]'])

subplot(2,3,6), imshow(y)
title(['Denoised image (Heuristic shrinkage): PSNR = ' ...
    num2str(psnr(src,y),'%6.2f') ' [dB]'])

Setting parameters for deblurring

psfSigma = 2; % Std. deviation of PSF
nseSigma = 5; % Std. deviation of AWGN
eps      = 1e-3; % Permitted error for convergence of ISTA
lambda   = 0.0045; % Control parametero fidelity and sparsity

Preperation of measurement process

psfSize = 2*round(4*psfSigma)+1;
psf = fspecial('gaussian',psfSize,psfSigma);
linrprocess = @(x) imfilter(x,psf,'conv','circ'); % P
dualprocess = @(x) imfilter(x,psf,'corr','circ'); % P.'

Produce observation by blurring and adding noises

obs = imnoise(linrprocess(src),'gaussian',0,(nseSigma/255)^2);
f4 = figure(4);
pf4 = get(f4,'Position');
pf4(1:2) = [20 80];
subplot(2,2,1), imshow(src);
title('Original image')
subplot(2,2,2), imshow(obs);
title(sprintf('Blurred image:PSNR = %5.2f [dB]',psnr(src,obs)))

Main process of ISTA-based image restoration

ISTA-based image restoration is applied to a blurred image. The number of wavelet scales is set to four.

disp('It takes a few minutes to complete ISTA...')
disp('It is recommended to open matlabpool if PCT is available.')

% Preprocessing for calculating the max. eigen value of P.'P
upst = 0*obs;
upst(1,1) = 1;
eps_ = 1e-6;
err_ = Inf;
while ( err_ > eps_ )
    upre = upst;
    v    = linrprocess(upre); % P
    upst = dualprocess(v);    % P.'
    err_ = norm(upst(:)-upre(:))^2/norm(upst(:));
n  = sum(upst(:).'*upst(:));
d  = sum(upst(:).'*upre(:));
lc = n/d;
fprintf('Lipschitz Const.: %f\n',lc);

% Main iteration of ISTA
softshrink  = @(y,lmd) sign(y).*max(abs(y)-lmd,0);
[y,s] = udirsowtdec2(dualprocess(obs),nLevels,fwdtrx);
err = Inf;
subplot(2,2,4), hi = imshow(obs);
ht = title(sprintf('Retored image(ISTA):PSNR = %5.2f [dB]',...
itr = 0;
psnrs = psnr(src,dualprocess(obs));
f5 = figure(5);
pf5 = get(f5,'Position');
pf5(1:2) = [pf4(3)+20 80];
hp = plot(itr,psnrs);
xlabel('# of iterations')
while ( err > eps )
    ypre = y;
    v = linrprocess(udirsowtrec2(ypre,s,invtrx));
    e = udirsowtdec2(dualprocess(v-obs),nLevels,fwdtrx)/lc;
    y = softshrink(ypre - e,lambda/lc);
    err = norm(y(:)-ypre(:))^2/norm(y(:));
    resIsta = udirsowtrec2(y,s,invtrx);
    set(ht,'String',sprintf('Restored image (ISTA):PSNR = %5.2f [dB]',...
    itr = itr+1;
    psnrs = [psnrs psnr(src,resIsta)];
It takes a few minutes to complete ISTA...
It is recommended to open matlabpool if PCT is available.
Lipschitz Const.: 0.993507

Compare deblurring performances

Comparing denoising performance among four methods: Gaussian filter (imfilter plus fspecial), Wiener filter (wiener2) and ISTA-based deblurring with a union of DirSOWTs.

noise_var = (nseSigma/255)^2;
estimated_nsr = noise_var / var(src(:));
resWnr = deconvwnr(obs, psf, estimated_nsr);
subplot(2,2,3), imshow(resWnr);
title(sprintf('Restored image (Wiener):PSNR = %5.2f [dB]',...

hold on
hold off

%matlabpool close

Release notes

RELEASENOTES.txt contains release notes on DirLOT Toolbox.

* Release notes on DirLOT Toolbox

- DirLOT20130901

-- Minor revision: Simulink models in 'embedded' folder were fixed.

- DirLOT20130201

-- Major revision
--- quickstart.m was revised to add performance evaluation of deblurring. 

-- Minor revision
--- Added sample codes for APSIPA2012

- DirLOT20121101

-- Major revision
--- Newly introduced some classes defined as System objects, 
    which are available for code generation and embedded implementation 
    on BeagleBoard-xM and PandaBoard-ES. See folder 'embedded.'

- DirLOT20120501

-- Minor revision
--- Introduced a batch script 'mybuild' to generate some MEX codes.
--- Added sample codes for ICASSP2012 
--- Added sample codes for PCS2012
--- Renamed mytest2008a.m to mytest.m

- DirLOT20111201

-- Major revision
--- Separable GenLOT classes were newly introduced. See folder 'genlot.'
--- Class AmplitudeErrorEnergy was introduced.
--- Class SubbandSpecification was modified to provide a new method 
--- Testing frame work mlunit_2008a was experimentaly introduced.
-- Minor revision
--- quickstart.m was revised to evaluate PSNRs.
--- Some codes in samples were revised.
--- Dependencies on the deprecated class LpPuFb2d were reduced. 
--- Files mexcodes/supportExtensionHorizontal.m and 
    mexcodes/supportExtensionVertical.m were renamed to correct the spel. 

- DirLOT20111101

-- Minor revision: a bug in mexcodes/supportExtentionVertical.m was fixed.

- DirLot20110818

-- ForwardDirLot.m and InverseDirLot.m were modified for acceleration.
-- The subband assignment in SubbandSpecification.m was revised.
-- Many sample scripts were appended.

- DirLot20110112

-- Bugs in PSNR calcuation were fixed. 
   The following codes contained the bugs:


The calcuation should have been written as 

 psnr = 10*log10( (255^2)*numel(sI)/sum((int16(sI(:))-int16(sX(:))).^2));

although it was wrongly implemented as  

 psnr = 10*log10( (255^2)*numel(sI)/sum((sI(:)-sX(:)).^2));

- DirLot20101201

-- Design with trend vanishing moments (TVMs) was supported.
-- Implementation of class LpPuFb2d was divided into four
   classes LpPuFb2dVm0, LpPuFb2dVm1, LpPuFb2dVm2 and LpPuFb2dTvm in
   terms of the vanishing moment condition. Class LpPuFb2d was
   modified as a bridge to these new classes for maintaining the
   compatibity with the previous releases.
-- Many sample scripts were appended.

- DirLot20100313 

-- A synchronization problem in parallel computing of 'ga' and
   'fmincon' was fixed.

- DirLot20100107 

-- Class LpPuFb2d was modified so that a cell format of parameter
   matrix set can be accepted.

- DirLot20091221 

-- Working with Genetic Algorithm and Parallel Computing Toolbox
   became available for the design process.

- DirLot20091210 

-- Dependency of class LpPuFb2d on class PolyPhaseMatrix2d was reduced
   for acceleration of the design process.

- DirLot20091130 

-- Functions im2col and col2im were used instead of function colfilt.
-- Revised for supporting MATLAB releases from R2008a to R2009a again.

- DirLot20091129 

-- ForwardDirLot.m and InverseDirLot.m were modified for acceleration
   by removing the dependency on BlockWiseAnalyzer.m and

% SVN identifier:
% $Id: RELEASENOTES.txt 382 2013-08-30 23:44:54Z sho $