ncdatelim documentation

This function reads the first and last time value from a time variable in one or more netCDF files, and converts these values to datetimes.

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tlim = ncdatelim(files, var)


tlim = ncdatelim(files, var) reads data from the file or files indicated by the string/character array or cell array of strings files. It reads the first and last value of the time variable var, assuming that variable uses a standard (i.e. gregorian) calendar and includes a CF standard units attribute (see ncdateread for more details). The returned tlim variable is an n x 2 datetime array, where n is the number of files queried.


Read date limits in each of the example netCDF files included with this toolbox:

cdtpath = fileparts(which('cdt'));

files = {...
    fullfile(cdtpath, 'cdt_data', '')
    fullfile(cdtpath, 'cdt_data', '')
    fullfile(cdtpath, 'cdt_data', '')
    fullfile(cdtpath, 'cdt_data', '')};

tlim = ncdatelim(files, 'time')
tlim = 
  4×2 datetime array
   2017-01-01   2017-12-01
   2017-02-01   2017-02-01
   2017-03-01   2017-03-01
   2017-04-01   2017-04-01

Author Info

This function and supporting documentation was written by Kelly Kearney for the Climate Data Toolbox for Matlab, 2019. It is available as part of this toolbox, and can also be downloaded individually from GitHub.