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T-Spline surface constructor

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T-spline Lab created by Mohammad Sadeghi Pour (Email: Mspmarvi@gmail.com)

T-Spline Lab is an object oriented package to build and manipulate T-spline surfaces


1- building T-spline surface

2- inserting contol points based on approach mentioned in "T-splines and T-NURCCs" 2003

3- inserting contol points based on local refinement algorithm

4- merging T-spline surfaces one by one with continuity C0, C1 and C2

5- plotting the topology of control mesh

6- plotting the parametric view of control mesh

7- inserting a row or collumn of control points

8- you can change manually every single objects of T-spline surface including control point properties, edge properties, uknot and vknot properties

9- and there are a lots of functions to help you out for your researches

This code is to build a T-spline surface by MATLAB

how to build a T-spline surface:

step 1: build a 3 dimensional matrix with size (n+1)*(m+1)*4 control mesh named (cp if you want), the third dimension means (X,Y,Z,weight) coordinate

step 2: Name_of_surface = T_Surface(cp), and now you build a T-spline NURBS surface in T-spine format

there is an explanation in code for each functions


image image

image image

image image

image image

image image image image



Mohammad Sadeghi Pour Marvi (2022). T-spline-Lab (https://github.com/Mspmarvi/T-spline-Lab/releases/tag/1.0.0), GitHub. 取得済み .

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