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A MATLAB toolbox for interacting with the Allen Brain Observatory

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Brain Observatory Toolbox

A MATLAB toolbox for accessing and using the neural recording public datasets from the Allen Brain Observatory1.

🗺️ Get oriented and get started with 3 lines of code. You can:

Either will orient you to several live script examples available to guide new users, including demos of neural data analysis & tutorials covering Brain Observatory Toolbox concepts & operations.

You can also individually view (👀) or run (▶️) these examples on MATLAB Online:

Example Type Data Type View Run Data Type View Run
🚀 Quickstart Calcium Imaging (Ophys) 👀 ▶️ Neuropixels Probe (Ephys) 👀 ▶️
🔬 Demo Calcium Imaging (Ophys) 👀 ▶️ Neuropixels Probe (Ephys) 👀 (*)
👩‍🏫 Tutorial Calcium Imaging (Ophys) 👀 ▶️ Neuropixels Probe (Ephys) 👀 (*)

(*) These data-intensive examples are currently recommended for use on local machines or customer cloud instances only, not for MATLAB Online

🚧 The Brain Observatory Toolbox is at an early stage; the interface is not guaranteed stable across the v0.9.x releases.

💬 Questions? Suggestions? Roadblocks? Code contributors are regularly monitoring user-posted GitHub issues & the File Exchange discussion.

About the Allen Brain Observatory datasets

Data releases from the Allen Brain Observatory include two datasets of neural activity recordings:

Dataset Recording Type Nickname Details
Visual Coding Neuropixels 2 Large-scale neural probe recordings "ephys" (electrophysiology) details
Visual Coding 2P 3 Two-photon calcium imaging "ophys" (optical physiology) details

The Visual Coding datasets are both collected from the living mouse brain during presentation of varying visual stimuli. Technical white papers (see Details for each dataset) provide detailed information about the experimental technicalities and computational pipelines.

About the Brain Observatory Toolbox (BOT)

The Brain Observatory Toolbox (BOT) provides a uniform interface to access and use the Visual Coding neural datasets.

The BOT interface provides tabular representations of available dataset items and object representations of specific dataset items:

Schematic of BOT data items & workflow


The easiest way to install the Brain Observatory Toolbox is to use the Add-on Explorer:

  1. Launch the Add-on Explorer image
  2. Search for "Brain Observatory Toolbox"
  3. Press the "Add" button. image

Required products

  • MATLAB (R2021a or later)
  • Image Processing Toolbox (if running the Visual Coding 2P demonstration OphysDemo.mlx)


Initial engineering work was supported by the Foundation of Psychocultural Research and Sherman Fairchild Award at Hampshire College and hosted by the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  1. Copyright 2016 Allen Institute for Brain Science. Allen Brain Observatory. Available from:

  2. Copyright 2019 Allen Institute for Brain Science. Visual Coding Neuropixels Dataset. Available from:

  3. Copyright 2016 Allen Institute for Brain Science. Visual Coding 2P Dataset. Available from:


Ethan Meyers (2023). Brain-Observatory-Toolbox (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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