NACA 4-digit File Generator

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Generates plot and .dat file in Selig format for NACA 4-digit airfoils.

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更新 2021/4/8


This NACA 4-Digit airfoil generator provides a surface plot with camber line, along with the option to output the airfoil as a .dat file for use in X-Foil or other panel code. Output is in Selig format.

Usage ------------------------------------------
Format: n4dig(ID,writefile)
[1] ID = airfoil identifier character input, e.g. '2412'
[2] writefile = 0 or 1, 0=no output, 1=.dat file output

Future Updates ------------------------------------------
- NACA 5-dig/6-dig/etc options
- Xfoil integration?
- Custom airfoil generation


Colton Campbell (2023). NACA 4-digit File Generator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2021a
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