バージョン 2020.08.03 (11 MB) 作成者: Ivan V. Dmitriev
Marine engineering geophysical data processing toolbox (Beta).

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更新 2020/10/12


The toolbox includes follow functions sets:
gTraining -- Training data and scripts for marine engineering geophysical tasks decision;
gFields -- Row, RowM content's functions (example: manipulation with coordinates and time for seismic traces);
gData -- Matrix content's functions (example: seismic traces filtration, gain, denoise, etc);
gNav -- manipulations with Navigation and coordinates;
gMap -- Geometrics tasks decision, trackplots/pipelines/lineplanning, picking, graphics;
gLog -- Serial data logging (Free Pascal), read/write;
gJsf -- Jsf files read/write/manipulations;
gXtf -- Xtf files read/write/manipulations;
gSgy -- Sgy files read/write/manipulations;
gUhr -- HR/UHR Seismic logs and geometry processing;
gMagy -- Magnetometers data read/write/manipulations;
gP190 -- P1/90 files read/write/manipulations;
gWfr -- Images with coordinate world-files and XYZ-grid-files manipulations;
gAcad -- AutoCAD scripts creation.


Ivan V. Dmitriev (2022). Ge0MLib_Beta (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2015b
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