Fast versions of polyval and polyfit for sane people
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更新 2021/9/16

Original `poly` functions are very good and useful, but they do a lot of not-always-necessary work (matrix condition checking), especially when one is in the middle of a tight `for`-loop. `poly_fast` functions do not do these checks, but assume the user is sane and knows what they're doing. It is recommended to **first** write one's code with normal `poly` functions, and then switch to the `poly_fast` once the code works fine. This can be done by simply replacing the calls to `polyfit` and `polyval` with ones to `polyfit_fast` and `polyval_fast`.


Marcin Konowalczyk (2024). poly-fast-matlab (https://github.com/MarcinKonowalczyk/poly-fast-matlab), GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2017b
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