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Hyperspectral Mixed Noise Removal (L1HyMixDe)

version 1.0 (3.24 MB) by Lina Zhuang
Hyperspectral Mixed Noise Removal By L1-Norm-Based Subspace Representation


Updated 12 Jun 2020

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The code and data herein distributed reproduces the results published in the paper
L. Zhuang and Michael K. Ng,
"Hyperspectral Mixed Noise Removal By L1-Norm-Based Subspace Representation,” in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 2020.

Hyperspectral denoising

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Lina Zhuang (2021). Hyperspectral Mixed Noise Removal (L1HyMixDe) (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Akshay Gore

Contact for python code and processing data

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