This MATLAB function conducts a simple Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis by making use of the truncated Gutenberg-Richter recurrence model (Baker, 2013). It considers only a uniform circular source in which the site-in-question is assumed to be located in the center of the circular source. It uses ASB_2014 GMPE file to calculate mean Sa and corresponding sigma values (Akkar et al., 2014).

Akkar, S., Sandıkkaya, M. A., & Bommer, J. J. (2014). Empirical ground-motion models for point-and extended-source crustal earthquake scenarios in Europe and the Middle East. Bulletin of earthquake
engineering, 12(1), 359-387.

Baker, J. W. (2013). An introduction to probabilistic seismic hazard analysis. White paper version, 2(1), 79.


Süleyman, H. (2020) PSHA (Version 1.0) [MATLAB function].

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