Linear Dynamic Analysis of MDOF system using ODE

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Response computation of linear dynamic (time history) analysis of multi-degree of freedom system using ordinary differential equation

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更新 2020/7/27


This code is computation of linear response history analysis on Multi Degree of Freedom (MDOF) system, made from following reference:

Liang, Z. et al. (2012). Structural Damping - Application in Seismic Response Modification. Example 3.5

as part of assignment on Special Topics in Aseismatic Analysis course by Prof. Han-Seon Lee, Korea University. Step-by-step explanation is included here, please refer to subchapter 3.3.3 in the book for more detailed explanation.


Gifari Zulkarnaen (2022). Linear Dynamic Analysis of MDOF system using ODE (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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