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Thermodynamic models and tools for H2O, H2, CO2 and Air

version 2.1 (544 KB) by Are Mjaavatten
Tool for effective thermodynamic calculations. Includes high-accuracy thermodynamic models for H2O, H2 CO2 and Air.


Updated 29 Oct 2020

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The thermo Matlab object lets the user calculate all thermodynamic properties as functions of temperature T and molar volume v, or of T and pressure p. All partial derivatives of the Helmholtz free energy up to order 3 are available, letting the user create analytical jacobians for efficient solution of most problems.

Documentation notes and user guide as well as examples and demo scripts are included. Any feedback is most welcome!

Uses the same model and parameters as NIST (

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Are Mjaavatten (2021). Thermodynamic models and tools for H2O, H2, CO2 and Air (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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