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Convert C3D8 Hexahedral Elements to C3D20

version 1.0.1 (2.3 KB) by Sergio Dempsey
Automatically convert C3D8 elements to C3D20.


Updated 17 May 2019

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This function is primarily used to convert 8 noded hexahedral elements to 20 noded. It's useful if you are using automatic element meshing software's that do not offer output in C3D20 such as IA-FEMESH.

Input: Node Matrix in standard input file format
Element Matrix in standard input file format

Outputs: Writes 2 separate input files for the new nodes and new elements.
the files can then be loaded after, or you can just add them to
be outputs yourself!

Comments: It should be mentioned that the interior edge nodes are linearly interpolated between corresponding edge-end nodes. There is room for improvement if you first convert the entire element to the isoparametric space before getting the middle point, and then going back. This should only be considered if your elements are badly deformed in the first place.

If the public suggests there is a need through comments, I can add that as well

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Sergio Dempsey (2019). Convert C3D8 Hexahedral Elements to C3D20 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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