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Plot Multiple Segmented Boundaries

version 1.0.0 (1.72 KB) by Dang N. H. Thanh
Draw multiple boundaries of segmented results on the original image


Updated 18 Apr 2019

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Copyright 2019 by Dang N. H. Thanh. Email:
Visit my site:
You need to install the image processing toolbox
Draw multiple boundaries of segmented results on the original image, where, inputimagepath - The path to input image, bordersize - The border width measured in pixel, segoption - This is 2D array, including the path of segmented images. The segoptions should be:
segoptions = {{path0; color0}, {path1; color1}, ...};
Note that: comma (,) and semicolon (;).

For example:
segoptions = {{'seg1.png'; 'r--'}, {'seg2.png'; 'b-.'}};
PlotMultipleSegmentedBoundaries('orin.png', 3, segoptions);

Note: result will be stored in the __boundaries folder of current path

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Dang N. H. Thanh (2019). Plot Multiple Segmented Boundaries (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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