Create a model configured for efficient code generation

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Create a new model and apply configurations that support small, fast, and readable generated code.

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How to start a new Simulink model intended for efficient code generation?
This MATLAB script creates such a model and explains some of the various considerations behind the different configuration items.
It contains general model configurations for efficiency, floating-point and fixed-point settings that support high performance code (and sometimes readable code), and general optimizations.
Reviewing the suggested parameters can go a long way towards getting Coders to generate the desired code. That said, the file does not try to cover all possible parameter, and the specific parameter values that best accomplish a goal depend on the goal of the model author.

Some of the settings require a specific license (e.g. Embedded Coder, Fixed Point Designer...). The model author should review and use the settings that apply to his orher case.

It is highly recommended to:
- Review the documentation’s suggestions on which parameter values best support goals such as high performance, safety, etc.
- Run Model Advisor and other advisors in Simulink, especially after the model is populated with blocks.

Keywords: embedded efficient fixed point code generation performance memory size


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