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Generate all synonymous codon combinations

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Given an amino acid sequence, this program will generate all possible codon combinations.
The program is based on a combinatorial function which solves a general problem of efficiently finding all combinations of a given set of options. More complete documentation and examples can be found inside the functions.
The task is split between 3 files:
1. AA_name_conversion.mat = a 1.8KB data file with container maps for easy conversion between 1letter AA names, 3letter AA names and the matching codons for each AA. This .mat file is called upon during the program.
2. generate_all_codon_combinations() = this function receives an AA string as input and returns all possible codon combinations in efficient time.
3. get_all_combinations() = this is the combinatorial function that receives a cellarray of options and returns all unique combinations.
USE: all 3 files are necessary for running the program (so make sure they're all on the proper path), although file #3 is the only function you'll need to actually call. However, I assumed that files #1 and #2 might be of use by their own merit, so I separated them in order to facilitate their independent use.
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