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Short-Time Cepstrum Computation with Matlab Implementation

version (5.37 MB) by Hristo Zhivomirov
Time-Quefrency analysis via Short-Time Cepstrum Computation (Cepstrogram).


Updated 11 Dec 2016

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The present code is a Matlab function that provides a Short-Time Cepstrum Computation of a given signal x[n]. The results are:
1) matrix with the one-sided amplitude cepstrum with time across columns and quefrency across rows;
2) quefrency vector;
3) time vector.
An example is given in order to clarify the usage of the function. For convenience, the input and output arguments are given in the beginning of the function.

The code is based on the theory described in:

[1] D. Childers, D. Skinner, R. Kemerait. “The Cepstrum: A Guide to Processing”. Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 65, No. 10, October 1977, pp. 1428-1443.

[2] A. Noll. “Short-time spectrum and cepstrum techniques for vocal-pitch detection”. J. Acoust. Soc. Amer., Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 296–302, Feb. 1964.

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[4] J. Benesty, M. Sondhi, Y. Huang. Springer Handbook of Speech Processing. Berlin, Springer, 2008.

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Inspired by: Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT) with Matlab