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version 1.2 (6.9 KB) by David E. Horsley
Zeros of Bessel functions, their linear combinations, and cross products

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Updated 05 Aug 2020

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Matlab functions for the zeros of:
- Cylinder functions (Linear combinations of Bessel functions), and their derivatives
- Bessel function cross-products
- (Soon) Airy functions and their derivatives
Functions are fast (1e5 of roots per second on modern pc) and accurate (typical relative error of 2e-16).

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David E. Horsley (2021). specialzeros (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Horsley, David E. “Bessel Phase Functions: Calculation and Application.” Numerische Mathematik, vol. 136, no. 3, Springer Science and Business Media LLC, Dec. 2016, pp. 679–702, doi:10.1007/s00211-016-0853-7.

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Comments and Ratings (4)

Got It.
Wrong input.

Thank you very much.

David E. Horsley

I suspect you haven't provided the correct form for the BC argument. It should be either 'DD', 'DN', 'ND', or 'NN'. I've pushed a release to improve the error message in this case.

David E. Horsley

What arguments did you give to besscrosszero?

I tried to use this code but this one always appeared
Index exceeds array bounds.

Error in besscrosszero (line 48)
j = (T(2) == 'N');

Do you know why?

Thank you very much

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