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Dynamic Modelling of DFIG Wind Turbine

version 1.0.2 (56.8 KB) by INDRANIL SAAKI
Indranil Saaki


Updated 13 Mar 2020

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The project deals with simulation studies on grid connected wind electric generators (WEG) employing Squirrel
Cage Induction Generator (SCIG) and Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). Their dynamic responses to wind speed variations and transient faults on transmission line are simulated in matlab software(2009b).
This guide is useful to anyone who would like to contribute to open source projects on MATLAB. Open Source is a Great Platform for MATLAB Enthusiasts to share idea. Thank you for your willingness to contribute.

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i am trying to this model to feed 400kW load, 440 V at 50 hz frequency to test fault on load side but the fault current exceeding 2p.u. limit (as per Converter specification)


Too many errors.. RED Vabc, Iabc, We1 and more.
Failed to evaluate mask initialization commands.
Caused by:
The diagram must contain a powergui block. The block should be named 'powergui' and should be located at the highest level of your diagram where Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems blocks are found.
Component:Simulink | Category:Model error

Arun Mohan

can u send this file to this mail id

Sir, hopefully you're well
sir the block control is empty i didn't find it.

This is very useful. Thank you

great work......i appreciate it

Very helpful

xiang ge

hello Rini ann jerin

thank u for rating.i just read ur mail.your are mentioned about DFIG with DVR per ur requirements i will try to uploaded file.i hope it will useful for u.

indraneel saki




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Non-Profit Organization


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