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Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch (MERS)

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Updated 04 Jul 2019

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Developing active series compensation in transmission systems is challenging due to the large currents and voltage capabilities required. The main purpose of this project is to show that the magnetic energy recovery switch (MERS) can be an attractive new series compensator by applying appropriate control.The MERS is similar to a single-phase full bridge, meaning that compared to the gate-commutated series capacitor, it has twice
the number of active switches. However, advantages, such as the double voltage–current operating range, eliminating the need for reverse blocking switches, zero current turn-on, and a lower current conduction period of each switch can make the MERS an attractive alternative. The basic characteristics of the MERS have been found to be similar to a series connection of a voltage source and a capacitor in steady state. With this dual characteristic, a control method has been developed where the minimization of the harmonics in the series-injected voltage and stable operation during large setpoint changes have been achieved. The resulting subharmonic characteristic also indicates a low risk of subsynchronous resonance. Experimental results verify the proposed configuration and control.
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hello Praiselin W J

IEEE 14 will uploaded in 7days.

with regards
indraneel saki

hello Praiselin W J

i checked ur profile in mathworks website.i think ur working on wind energy power generation.i was uploaded wind power generators ( DFIG and SFIG models). i hope my new uploaded model on wind power generation design more useful to u.pls rum with matlab(2009b) version so u will resolve all errors.

hello Praiselin W J
pls check in which version ur running the model.all My models are developed in matlab(2009b) change ur version run the circute i hope u will get outputs.

with regards
indraneel saki

Am getting the same error shown below for your several models. Please help.
Thank you for sharing the models Sir.

Failed to load library 'powerlib_models' referenced by 'HP2_by_indraneelsaki/Current Measurement1/model'

Unable to load block diagram 'powerlib_models'



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