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xbinavg(x, y, xedge, medopt)

version (1.27 KB) by Ryosuke F Takeuchi
export mean y-value via x-value bin


Updated 03 Dec 2016

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Simple function for summarizing a large number of 2d-data.
Calculating mean and standard deviation of y-datas within each bin of x-data.
Example code:
x = rand(1,1280)*100;
y = x.^2 + 5000*randn(size(x));
[meanv, stdv, xv, nv] = xbinavg(x, y, 0:10:100, true);
scatter(x,y, [], [.8 .8 .8], '.');
hold on;
errorbar(xv,meanv,stdv, 'k','LineWidth', 5/2)

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Ryosuke F Takeuchi (2020). xbinavg(x, y, xedge, medopt) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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