Embedded Coder Target for Energia

Support for low cost Texas Instruments LaunchPads
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更新 2023/3/21


Energia (www.energia.nu) is a low-cost open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
Simulink example models for Energia supported low cost TI boards. This target includes support for Tiva TM4C123G and MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPads with Simulink. To get started, start MATLAB R2015b in administrator mode, and go to the installed folder (you can find the installed location with the help of Add ons Manager tool bar in MATLAB) and run the Setup file in order to install the support for Energia. Also the version 0101E0016 of Energia IDE is required.
To know about complete setup and help, follow step by step instructions in Help browser-->Supplemental Software-->Embedded Coder Target for Energia-->Getting Started Guide.


MathWorks Embedded Coder Team (2024). Embedded Coder Target for Energia (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/54929-embedded-coder-target-for-energia), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

MATLAB リリースの互換性
作成: R2015b
R2015b 以降 R2023a 以前と互換性あり
Windows macOS Linux
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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

Compatibility with R2022b


Support for latest MATLAB versions


Updated Driver Block Mex files making this package compatible with MATLAB release 18a and above.


Bug fix for R2016b/R2017a. MATLAB restart was causing to failed download on hardware on these versions.

Added the video link in the description

Updated the documentation.

Enhancement of Setup script.

Updated doc
Added the Video link in Description

Updated the content