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Approximate Tverberg Point in 2D and 3D

version (184 KB) by Hyongju Park
Given n points in R^d the function calculates Tverberg partition of max. depth in Linear time


Updated 05 Sep 2015

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# Approximate-Tverberg-Point
This contains the matlab implementation of the lifting algorithm described in the paper "Approximating Tverberg points in Linear Time for Any Fixed Dimension" by W.Mulzer and D. Werner.

The function tvb.m uses vert2lcon.m created by Matt J.

"distinguishable_colors.m" picks colors that are maximally perceptually distinct. The function is written by Timothy E. Holy.

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Hyongju Park (2020). Approximate Tverberg Point in 2D and 3D (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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