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Tools for importing Synopsys Sentaurus Device simulations into Matlab
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更新 2015/3/10


A few functions were developed to ease the analysis of sentaurus
device simulations in Matlab. In particular, .plt and .tif files
(i.e. converted .tdr files) can be imported in order to perform more
complicated analysis in matlab. These functions are preliminary
versions, and the user should exercise care in trusing the results.
Note these functions were developed for simulations in 2D. They may
need to be modified for 3D.
A typical workflow is given in example_tifProcess.m
IMPORTANT: Sentaurus tdr files can be converted to tif using
Sentaurus data explorer. The command is:

tdx -tf -M 0 inputfile.tdr

where inputfile.tdr is the file to be converted. This command will
produce the file inputfile.tif


sentaurus_importTif - import a sentaurus .tif file
sentaurus_cutData - cut sentaurus dataset along x or y


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作成: R2013a
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Added findElement function

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