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Multirate Control Toolbox 5.1

version (2.91 MB) by Carlos M. Velez S.
The toolbox allows the modeling, simulation and real-time implementation of multirate control system


Updated 02 Jun 2004

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The Multirate Control Toolbox (MCT) allows the modeling, simulation and real-time implementation (with RTW) of multirate control systems which could be: SISO or MIMO, continuous or discrete (given to a base period), with or without time delay, with regular or irregular sampling patterns, with or without offset in inputs and outputs.

The basic idea of simulation with Multirate Control Toolbox (MCT) is to sample each input signal according to its sampling pattern and form a lifting vector (vectorization), calculate the extended output (Multirate Model) and apply the suitable output from the lifted output vector in the actual sampling time (reduction). This process is transparent and clear. The masks facilitate the parameterization of the blocks.

The toolbox has many examples and HTML help files. The way from the simulation to the real-time implementation is direct and easy with RTW. It is a good tool for the research and education.

RTW is required only for real-time implementation (not for simulation).

The setup is easy (read README.TXT), but it is possible to install the toolbox manually: (1) unzip the files to a directory, (2) add it to Matlab path and (3) move the toolbox help directory to Matlab help directory and change the directory name to "multirate".

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- The toolbox works with last versions of Matlab

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