FIGUREMAKER - Publication quality figures with matlab

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Create publication quality graphics, allowing rgb color scaling, pdf output and correct fontsizes.
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更新 2013/7/23


figuremaker helps users generate publication quality graphics from
matlab. This code was modified from the exportfig function, available
This function is nice in that the font sizes on the exported figure
will agree with the font size of the document the figure is placed

Exportfig was modified to allow rgb color in the exported figure.
Also, export of pdf file format is implemented with help from Oliver
Woodford's export_fig package, available at

The file format of the output is automatically chosen from the
filename, for example

>> exportfig('filename.pdf')

exports the current figure into pdf format.


Todd Karin (2024). FIGUREMAKER - Publication quality figures with matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2013a
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ヒントを得たファイル: Exportfig, export_fig

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Fixed some typos in comments. Made 'pdf' the default file format if none specified.