Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target for TI Stellaris LaunchPad

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Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target for TI Stellaris LaunchPad

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Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target for TI Stellaris LaunchPad
TI Stellaris LaunchPad ( is a low-cost development board based on ARM Cortex-M4F.
Simulink ( is a leading environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design.
Embedded Coder ( allows you to generate C code and deploy your algorithms to target hardware.

Please refer to this repository: for the latest development version. Your input and feedback is highly appreciated!


1) Windows/Linux: Have Code Composer Studio 5.3 (or above) installed (

2) Windows/Linux: Have StellarisWare installed ( You don't have to download the complete StellarisWare package. "StellarisWare for the Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad Evaluation Board" is enough.

Make sure your toolchain is working (build and download some test project, check connection) before you proceed!

3) Make sure you have a working/supported host compiler ( by running

mex -setup


4) Extract this package somewhere. Make sure there are no spaces/non-ASCII characters in path (just in case).

5) Within MATLAB, 'cd' to the directory containing stellaris_setup.m and run this script.

You should be good to go.

What this package already has:

Standalone execution on target (driven by ISR)
Execution in PIL mode
PIL mode profiling

Simulink library blocks for:

* Push Buttons
* UART Read/Write
* Built-in temperature sensor
* Generic ADC

What this package would like to have:

Simulink library blocks for:

* PWM, Interrupts, uDMA...
* Timers

More documentation

External Mode support


Mikhail (2022). Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target for TI Stellaris LaunchPad (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2017b
Windows macOS Linux

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