Zatacka/Achtung, die Kurve! for Matlab

バージョン (27.1 KB) 作成者: Joren Heit
Remake of the classic DOS-Game Zatacka aka Achtung die Kurve

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更新 2011/11/13


I just finished it, so it might be full of bugs and I didn't include many comments... that might be something for the future. However, for as far as I know it's quite playable!

Depending on your system, you might have to fiddle around with the wait-time in zatacka.m in order to get the speed right. See for yourself!!

Any comments/questions can be asked here or at jorenheit[at]


Joren Heit (2022). Zatacka/Achtung, die Kurve! for Matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2010a
Windows macOS Linux

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