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A class wrapper for the MODTRAN 5 atmospheric radiative transfer code.

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MODTRAN is a FORTRAN code for solving the radiative transfer problem in the Earth's atmosphere. This Matlab class wrapper encapsulates a run of a MODTRAN 5 case. It provides methods for reading and writing MODTRAN case (tape5) files, creating and modifying case files, calling MODTRAN and reading the MODTRAN results. There are also a number of methods for plotting MODTRAN outputs. The wrapper does not (as yet) provide a GUI and MODTRAN itself is not included.
In order to use the wrapper you will need a MODTRAN 5 distribution, which can be purchased from Ontar Corporation. You will also need a Matlab installation that supports the new Matlab class files. The new class file was introduced around the 2010a release.
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Derek Griffith (2022). derekjgriffith/matlab-modtran-5 (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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