ANSeismic – Seismic Analysis of Structures with ANSYS and SAP2000

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The seismic analysis in ANSYS may be implemented with ANSeismic

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One of the main problems in time history analysis is the definition of a proper input and arranging the records for different structural analysis programs. In the case of transient analyses, ground acceleration–time history data are used for seismic analysis. Such time histories may be derived synthetically, by either numerical simulation of the source and wave propagation mechanisms, or by considering proper stochastic models. The best way to evaluate seismic performance of structures is monitoring structural behaviour under real earthquake records. Seismic records from tectonically active regions throughout the world may be downloaded from PEER Strong Motion Database. In this study, a simple assistant program is developed for implementing earthquake analyses of structures with ANSYS and SAP2000. The seismic records are loaded from PEER and earthquake analysis files are produced in ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL). Anyone who modeled a structure in ANSYS can use the analysis files produced with ANSeismic by just calling them. ANSYS program may also be called from ANSeismic if APDL file is available. Beside ANSYS, a SAP2000 time history data file may also be produced with ANSeismic.


Abdurrahman Sahin (2022). ANSeismic – Seismic Analysis of Structures with ANSYS and SAP2000 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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