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version (2.28 KB) by Elmar Tarajan
ALWAYSONTOP adds a pushtool to the figure toolbar for the "Always on top"-option.


Updated 21 Dec 2011

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adds the pushtool to the each new created figure automatically.

remove the automatically adding of pushtools to new figures.

See also: UISWITCHRENDERER (in FileExchange)

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Elmar Tarajan (2021). ALWAYSONTOP (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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per isakson

ALWAYSONTOP is broken by HG2:

>> alwaysontop auto
>> plot(1:12,'.')
Undefined function or variable 'fHG1Client'.
Error in alwaysontop>update_pushtool (line 69)
Error while evaluating PushTool ClickedCallback

and two figures were created. An empty figure with the alwaysontop icon and a second with the diagram, but without the pin-icon.

Still five stars!


If someone is looking for a function to simply switch ALWAYS-ON-TOP property of a figure, without a button on a figure's toolbar, see those "Win On Top" submission I've uploaded (see "Acknowledgements" section above).


I tried with student version R2013, no error report, but it just does not work (figure not on the top).
Can you update it? it would be really helpful!


can you make an update? Thanks very much!!!

per isakson

Thanks for a great tool. I was just reminded of how dependent on alwaysontop I've become. How do one modify or describe a diagram without seeing it? And thanks for the update!


Thank you for updating. I can confirm it works on R2011b and R2012a on both snow leopard and lion.

Elmar Tarajan

updated and tested with R2012a - works!



This doesn't work with R2011b. I get the following error:

No appropriate method, property, or field fFigureClient for class

Error in alwaysontop>update_pushtool (line 67)

Error while evaluating uipushtool ClickedCallback

Please update.


The feature is very helpful for fast iterations in development process. It is better then just doking it into MATLAB environment as all settings are preserved and I can scale the figure as large as needed. Thank you Elmar!

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2011b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: WinOnTop

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