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Jacobi and Legendre symbol

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JACOBI computes the Jacobi symbol (m/n), a generalization of the Legendre symbol.

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Updated 09 Jul 2009

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For the Legendre symbol (m/p), p must be an odd prime. The Jacobi symbol (m/n) allows n to be any odd number.

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Petter (2021). Jacobi and Legendre symbol (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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David Amirault

There is a serious bug in your implementation of the Jacobi symbol, which was already pointed out by Sean. Please fix

Sean McClintock

There are a couple of bugs in this program...

In line 36, we want to test if n=+/-1 mod8, however, since matlab will return a value from 0 to 7 for mod(n,8),

if abs(mod(n,8))==1 is not adequate,


if mod(n,8)==1
j = jacobi(m/2,n);
elseif mod(n,8)==7
j = jacobi(m/2,n);
etc would be better.

Also, I don't think this program deals with negative m.

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