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バージョン (158 KB) 作成者: Brett Shoelson
Simple utility to view all color planes, grayscale, and colorspace conversions of an RGB image.

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更新 2016/9/1


Takes as an input an RGB image (or the name/path of an RGB image) and creates a figure in which you can see side-by-side the original, the grayscale (RGB2GRAY), and the individual R,G, and B color planes.
Advanced mode also displays some colorspace conversions (HSV, YCbCr, L*a*b*) of the image.
Click on any image to expand it and then right-click to export image to base workspace.

Shift-Click to generate Command-Line MATLAB code!

This is a very simple but useful utility for deciding, for instance, how you want to process/segment a color image.


Brett Shoelson (2022). exploreRGB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2008a
Windows macOS Linux

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